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Types and benefits of gun safe

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Gun safe is a place to keep your firearms and ammunition in a protective manner. You must have a gun safe in your house if you love to keep firearms in your home. Gun safes are designed for safety reasons and keep kids out of the reach of firearms. Gun safes also prevent the ammunitions from theft. There are so many Inkas safe – custom built gun safes available in which you will get an inbuilt burglar alarm. There are customized safes also available, you can choose your safe according to your desired designs and material.

How can you customize a gun safe?

Customizing a gun safe needs details that how many firearms you have in your house. With the numbers of the firearms, you can choose how many shelves you need in your Gun safe. You can choose a vertical or horizontal slider shelves for your hand guns and long guns. Each slider shelf can contain 10 long and 40 short guns it can be vary as per the design and your desired gun safe. You can also choose the height, width and material of the safe.

Extra feature you can add in safe is the lock type. There are so many types of locks available like number lock, biometric locking system, retina scan locking system and so on. You can choose any lock system you like to fix in your safe. You can choose LED lighting in your safe to improve the safe’s standard. There are so many types of doors available, you can fix a glass door with metal body as it seems classy.

What are walk in gun safe?

Walk-in gun safes are like big vaults, in which you can store your firearms. In other words it is like an ammunition room made by metal and glass material. These safes are also known as large gun safes. Size of this gun safe varies according to the choices but height of the walk in gun safe is near about 5 feet 10 inches. These gun safes are used by small security agencies to keep the weapons safe. Usually, gun safes are fixed in a home to hide the ammunition from others. You can also choose modular gun safe which you can fold and expand anytime. It could be large upto 25.8 square foot; it means 14 men can stand in a line in that modular large gun safe.

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