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Should You Have An Inhouse SEO Team Or Hire An SEO Agency?

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Today we will answer this open-ended question of in-house SEO team or SEO agency, and list down the pros and cons of both, inhouse SEO teams and independent SEO agencies.

We know for many businesses, local, nationwide and global, there is a need for SEO and the power of being found through intelligent content methods within the search engines is a huge driver of traffic to your website. But not just traffic, it is the nature of the traffic and its quality because they have searched directly for what you are appearing for.

You have joined this prospect at a later, more qualified stage of the marketing funnel and the lead generation potential is vast.

But your scale will depend dramatically on your industry and the way your market is built up. There will be undervalued SEO opportunities as well as ones which will require a lot of work. Either way you need to have an SEO presence, but are you going to do this within your business or outsource the campaigns….

Inhouse Team

An inhouse team stays with company forever. It is an integral part of a company and takes fixed amount of salaries for increasing your business’s website traffic.

  1. More Work Done

Since the company’s employees will always be in front of their managers, they will naturally get more work done and you will experience better performance rate.

  1. Easy Communication

It is easy to communicate with your employees. Often times, you get an idea at a real time and with the availability of a technical person next to you, you discuss and this becomes a basis of success for your company.

You also get to avoid red tape, as it is the case with SEO agencies.

  1. As Good As the Team Lead

Normally, companies hire 1-2 people as inhouse SEO team. If you go SEO agencies, you have a lot of options but hiring a permanent member means they will be as good as they are. You simply cannot ditch them after a mere project.

If you are going to opt for inhouse SEO team, make sure these people are technically sound.

  1. More Expensive

The catch of inhouse SEO teams is that they are expensive. Obviously, you are getting full time services for your work. The results are better but also heavier on the pocket.

The inhouse team will also consume your electricity, increasing your bills

SEO Agency

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of SEO agencies

  1. More People – More Experience

SEO agencies have diverse staff. If one is good in terms of writing, the other one will be an expert in graphics. A 3rd person will be a marketing expert, which will bridge the business gap between both skills, thus providing your business with the best available strategy.

  1. Contract Based Dealings

It is very hard to get into fraud by SEO agencies. SEO agencies mostly have a per project contract policy. If you don’t like the web generation work of SEO agency, you can always give your upcoming projects to other agencies.

The straightforward process of seeing real time analytics makes all the SEO agencies work harder for your business cash.

  1. Much Cheaper As Compared To Inhouse Teams

You won’t have to deal with 24/7 SEO people right in front of you, but ask yourself, do you really need to?

Isn’t it better to indulge in weekly physical meetings and talk on phone, give away the ideas and then monitor their progress via web analytics?

You will be able to focus upon your business while SEO agencies will work upon maximizing your website traffic.


Everything depends upon what you want to do. If you have a continuous source of lots of work, get an inhouse company

Otherwise sublet your website traffic projects to independent SEO companies. They will be cheaper, efficient and best for your business.

Also it depends on the situation and whether you have access to an in-house Search engine Optimization expert who possesses the genuine quality and expertise to get you ranking effectively. This is going to depend massively on the competitiveness of the keywords in your industry and how complex and long-term the process of ranking is going to take.

If you do not feel you can acquire the person due to access, cost, or ability and align with that with your demand for the level of seo detail, then you have to make a decision. It is all about practicality and convenience. But also what will deliver the results and the best return on investment.

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