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Practical Applications of Lithium-ion batteries

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The lithium-ion driven batteries work as the most common power source for various portable electronic devices. The medical devices even use these batteries due to its longevity. The price of the batteries is much higher than that of the alkaline batteries. But the lifespan of lithium cells is significantly longer than other types of batteries. Various industries are trying to use this advantage of the battery for making powerful devices. The medical world has also used the batteries to manufacture some of the life-saving machines. You will be surprised to know about the practical applications of the cells.

Saving lives through the pacemaker

Medical technology continuously uses electronic and electrical devices to make devices that can help the patients. A pacemaker is such a life-saving device. People who are suffering from cardiac problems usually show irregular heartbeat patterns. The fault in the pace of the heart implies that the heart has not been able to pump or circulate enough blood in the patient’s body. The doctors prescribe an open heart surgery to implant a pacemaker. This pacemaker is an electronic gadget that the doctors will fix to the weak heart. With the help of the battery operation, the device will forcibly pump the heart in the right rhythm. If the battery dies often, then life will be at stake. Pacemakers use the Lithium-ion batteries.

Cameras and other devices

Whenever you are out on a vacation or a trekking tour, you would like to frame every picturesque area through the lens of your digital camera. How would you feel if the camera starts to show the signal of low battery level after some time? It’s not always possible to charge the batteries during trekking. Does that mean you won’t be able to take any snaps? Absolutely not. For the digital cameras use the lithium batteries which can retain the charge for long hours.

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