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Keep Event Food Cool in A Heatwave

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Compliance with food safety laws can be a challenge during a heatwave but there is a professional practical and competitively priced solution for anyone catering to the public: Fridge trailer hire.

Whether you are providing food or exhibiting at a fete, food fair or country show or have a private party arranged for which fridge space on site is insufficient, leading event refrigeration storage specialists including Icecool Trailers can take away the headache of how to operate within the rules and maintain food and drink at the highest quality levels.

A heatwave is a huge advantage for seaside resorts and attractions; no one relishes the great outdoors when it’s a quagmire, but as the temperature soars food hygiene risks do too.

Perhaps you are hosting a fair and intend to serve teas and coffees. If you consider the capacity of any existing refrigeration and the amount of milk that will be required to achieve the optimum number of drinks throughout the event, your fridge, already in use, is probably far too small to cope with the demand.

Leaving the milk on a shelf, beneath a tree, beside a shady wall simply won’t maintain obligations of care or present a realistic answer. As we ourselves wilt in the heat, so too will a hundred lettuce leaves for sandwiches, barbeque meat will go off quickly outside of a fridge and drinks like champagne and sparkling wines hastily reduce in quality when warm and under the sun’s powerful rays. If you’re exhibiting at a country show, how do you intend to keep animal feed and water cool for the livestock? It’s as important as the human food and drink responsibilities.

Fridge trailer hire gives vendors and caterers the capacity to achieve the best possible products throughout an event with confidence. Experts in the field appreciate the hygiene requirements and legislation and can deliver facilities swiftly in an emergency when pre-booked event refrigeration storage is not an option.

When taking advantage of fridge trailer hire please remember to book the hire period to cover preparation, storage, the event itself and the clearing up time after the crowds disappear. Having as short a hire period as possible will leave you hot under the collar. The amount of money you save with reduced time hire is negligible compared to the stress and exertion you’ll be faced with. Take it easy; it’s too humid to race around.

Well maintained fridge trailer hire is available for different size units, for however long they’re needed, and they can be positioned exactly where they are required. If your position is on the far side of a showground, the middle of a playing field or you want facilities to sit just outside a kitchen, in the car park or adjacent to a marquee, enjoy the flexibility of mains and generator powered event refrigeration storage units. Fridge trailer hire units can be worked in, so you’ll be able to benefit from the chilled air too.

Please contact Icecool Trailers, a renowned fridge trailer hire company, today.

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