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Is Your Office Space Automated?

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Modern office spaces are increasingly automated and one key area in any business premises for automation is at the windows. Smart technology has many applications and window dressings have evolved so that manual operation is a thing of the past, or a labour-intensive choice.

Professionally installed automated window blinds offer years of operation and deliver a contemporary, sophisticated finish to a sleek and well-designed space; even in company colours.

Motorised blinds are available in Roman, vertical, roller and Venetian forms and they can be expertly crafted for roof windows.

10 benefits of automated window blinds:

  1. Space saving and ergonomic. Gone are the days when curtains should billow in to an office; shutters may answer privacy concerns, but do they permit sufficient light for maintained productivity?
  2. Automated window blinds are energy efficient. A battery charge of 24 hours which is directed to the blinds through a 3 pin charger yields 5-7 months of power. A rechargeable battery and charger are provided by the motorised blind installation company.
  3. Cost effective purchase. Free measuring and fitting and a guarantee on the installation ensures an exceptional return on investment and years of service.
  4. Easy to operate. Control the automated window blinds via an app, remote control, voice control or an automated system. Based on familiar smart technology devices, users learn quickly to work with technology.
  5. Control sunlight and office temperature via sensors. As the position of the sun alters or the weather changes, conveniently move your blinds. When the temperature sensors register a rise in heat the blinds close to cool the office.
  6. Control the blinds singly or simultaneously. You’re in control.
  7. Operate the motorised blind installation when off site. As an app does not require you to be on the premises to move the blind, you can operate it from the comfort of home, whilst stuck in traffic or even when abroad on holiday.
  8. Increase security. Give the impression someone is on site when it is empty. A moving blind suggests to any burglar that they may be disturbed if they enter the premises. It’s too risky.
  9. A choice of finishes and colours to reflect corporate personality. Your motorised blind installation should highlight and compliment brand identity and the existing decor; enjoy flexibility to marry cutting edge technology with modern and futuristic designs.
  10. An end to reaching into difficult to access spaces for manual operation; no one relishes twisting, bending and straining to operate manual blinds with cords discreetly tucked away.

Motorised blind installations specialists

You can choose a national chain but opting for a renowned local blind company, means that you receive exceptional customer service and knowledge with high quality installations.

Based in Berkshire, Smart Blinds is a family run firm with over 20 years of experience to draw upon. Their showrooms are situated in Thatcham and Caversham. Free measuring and fitting of affordable solutions is offered, as standard.

Benefit from excellent pricing, superior craftsmanship and the Smart Blinds team’s attention to detail as you modernise.

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