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How to Choose a Good Beauty Magnifying Lamp

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People who use glasses or contact lens perfectly understand the efficacy of magnifying glasses.  For that reason, it has become a quintessential item in beauty stores. Basically, beauty magnifying lamp expands the view of a particular area by 175%, and other perks of the magnifying lens include:

  • A clearer view of the item in focus
  • Shadow-less light
  • Impeccable color rendering
  • Easy movement and precise focus on the item

In the presence of a good magnifying lamp, a beauty professional has fewer encounters with common problems such as squinting, shadows, and body pains while peering hard into the subject in view. Unfortunately, there are different types of beauty magnifying lamps. Magnifying lamps are often fitted with the latest technology to match the current needs of beauty clients.

The ease of operating, moving, and stabilizing magnifying lamps makes them exceptional. Unlike a few old ones, latest beauty magnifying glasses do not require tightening or loosening of knobs – all that is needed is a simple touch and repositioning to get the right angle.

Choosing a beauty magnifying lamp

In the beauty industry, there are many tools that contribute to that final and perfect touch. But beauty magnifying lamps are at the center stage in the beauty industry. Without proper magnifying glasses, vendors in the beauty industry will have a hard time getting the necessary results. For example, brow transformations are specifically helpful to eyebrow specialists. More so, dermatologists, tattoo artists, estheticians, manicurists, and waxing professionals are not left out.

This article seeks to highlight a few tips to get the most suitable magnifying lamps. In choosing the most appropriate device, one must understand the properties and characteristics of the specific beauty magnifying lamp.

The diopters

Diopters are special magnifying glasses that are a representation of the reciprocal of focal length. The higher the number of diopters, the higher the depth of curvature and the thicker the lens. Hence, the number of diopters determines the magnification of the lens. By dividing the diopters into four places and adding ‘1’ to the result, one can obtain the magnification of the glasses. For people that need different magnifications, it is great to opt for beauty magnifying lamps with a replaceable lens.

Focal length

Focal length is another factor that should be examined. It is also known as the ‘working distance’ of the lens. To calculate the focal length of the magnifying lens, note the distance between the lens’ center and the point where light rays meet the eye.

A powerful magnification results in smaller working distance. Thus, be conscious of the type of lens and the relative focal length. However, higher magnification gives a precise view of smaller details, but it tends to decrease the visibility of the object.


Beauty professionals consider lighting as an important recipe in the job. There are several options available for lighting such as fluorescent lights and the less popular halogen types. But none of these lighting options compares to LED lights. In the beauty industry, LED lights have gained popularity for providing shadowless light.

Before choosing particular equipment, make sure   it meets with the current standards in the industry. Since technology evolves with time, consider conducting enough research within the niche to purchase the most suitable equipment that gets the job done.

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