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Hot Towel Cabinets: An Easy Buying Guide 

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Those who have experienced the soothing effect of moderate heat on and in their body understand the usefulness of having hot towel cabinets at the ready. These cabinets are a must have for an establishment that offers body treatment services and here are a few tips to make better use of them.

Keeping the Cabinets Clean

While the heat from these towel cabinets can be soothing, it also makes them an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mold. To prevent this, you should take preventive actions like

  • Removal of the towels from the cabinet every night and leaving the cabinet open to allow the free passage of air.
  • Thorough towel cabinet cleaning. Areas behind the rubber gasket that keeps the heat in should also be checked out as they are excellent hiding places for growing bacteria and mold.
  • Frequent cleaning of all interior components of the hot towel cabinet.

Keeping a cabinet full of warm towels might result in the towels acquiring a musty smell. Here are a few ways to prevent that from happening

  • You should be careful to use only distilled water in steaming up the towels as this greatly reduces the risk of your towel acquiring a musty smell.
  • Adding a little bit of vinegar during washing is also a way to prevent ending up with musty towels.
  • Also, make sure that your hot towel cabinets are in perfect working condition as one that is not is likely to leave your towel smelling odd.

Other things to know

Can hot towel cabinets be used outdoors near a pool?

Sadly, these cabinets are not designed for constant outdoor use as exposure to natural elements such as air and water can compromise the working condition of the cabinets. However, there are mobile hot towel cabinets that can be brought outside for use, but they should be returned inside to keep them safe.

Are these hot towel cabinets safe to use around children?

The name itself, hot towel cabinets, is enough for adults to know that children are not allowed anywhere near the cabinets. To increase safety, measures such as timers that would monitor how long the cabinet is heated is essential, and the switch should also be located where it wouldn’t be accessible by the little ones.

What other use is there for a hot towel cabinet?

The name doesn’t restrict it to only drying towels as they are also an excellent way of drying your bathing suits. Thus these cabinets can be placed in rooms other than the bathroom and be put to other functional purposes.

Can I install a hot towel cabinet myself?

There are some varieties that don’t need much expertise. You could install these types yourself as long as you have some experience successfully mounting other household appliances. However, for some of these cabinets that require major rewiring in your home, it would be wise to employ the services of a professional who is the business of installing such appliances.

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