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All you need to know about Google Quality Score

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If you want to master the game of PPC, then it is very crucial to know about Google Quality Score. Your Google Quality Score has an impact on your PPC ads and the amount you pay for each click. Google Quality Score is the rating this is given on the basis of quality and relevance of your keywords and PPC ads. By this process, your ad rank in the ad auction is determined. This quality scoredefines the impact and cost of your search campaigns. Google Quality Score is a value ranging from 1 to 10. A good quality score will save you a lot of money. Your quality score depends on various factors:

  • It primarily depends on your CTR (click-through rate).
  • If your ad text is relevant or not.
  • If your keyword is relevant to its particular ad group.
  • The performance of your previous AdWords.

Whenever people click your ad, it is quite understandable that people have found it amusing and they want to check it out. This results in the spike in your ad rankings. It is important to focus on Quality Score as it affects your PPC success. If you would successfully optimize your quality score, you can reap the benefits of higher ROI. In order to understand the process of Quality Score thoroughly, you can take valuable tips fromDigital Logic.

Knowing more about the benefits of Quality Score:

The main objective of quality score is to determine how relevant your ads are to the queries of the customers. No one wants to click on an ad that is not relevant in any way to the consumer. The ads must be oriented around consumers’ interests in order to make them click your ads. This score defines the eligibility of the keyword. Quality score matters the most for advertisers, especially who have a low budget. In order to ameliorate your quality score, you should always maintain the relevancy of your ads.

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